About Us


Diva Interior Concepts, designer, Tina Dyba, has created brand recognition locally and nation wide for her award-winning design concept called “Elemental Fusion”. 

Well versed in interior decorating & design as well as colorization with a passion for horses, fashion & photography, Tina describes her designs as well organized, tranquil living spaces of beauty where you can entertain, relax and enjoy spending time with family, friends or business associates.

Tina attracts clients who have demanding schedules. These are busy individuals with strong points of view and high expectations and who look to her for guidance in design ideas, planning, material selections and execution of the project plan.

With a natural born ability to multi-task, Tina knows how to read her clients, understand their needs and keep them focused. She begins her role as a dynamic designer by researching and seeking out those products her clients will cherish for many years to come.

Clients are attracted to Tina’s creativity, energy, versatility and organization. Consistently maintaining communication, quality in the executions of her designs is what keeps her clients coming back.

“I am really drawn to the outdoors from the beach to the mountains – wide open spaces surrounded by color. The desire to be surrounded by things of simplistic beauty, the way they were originally created,  the sounds of nature’s musical symphony and the animals we share space with.”

“My job is to inspire and guide my clients on their personal expedition to create their own unique expression of place they desire.”


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