Pleasures of Gold in Home Decor

Wanda Wash Lite

I call it …Pleasures of Gold. It is a blend of home decor items such as this Wanda Cash Chandelier, Mirrored Omar Cabinet and Osaka Wall Art and vases that caught my eye while shopping for my latest interior design project at the Cyan Showroom.
With one goal in mind to replace a mirrored cabinet that had been previously damaged but where to start? Crazy about decorative light fixtures, I happened to stumbled upon this gorgeous chandelier, called the Wanda Cash that set the stage for the remaining coordinating items.

Installed just below an air vent, high enough above several other furniture pieces, the faint sound of rattling of glass from each pendant piece became prominent startle my attention and remain curious.

Stunning in design, casting just enough light from the canopy above, it was the radiance of the gold colored glass that had me sold. From this point, my mission was to find other pieces that would bring this marriage together and I did!

For more information on these pieces and others as well as our Las Vegas interior decorating and interior design services, please contact us at


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