Decorate using the Year of the Horse

yr of horseii

On January 31st, we enter the Chinese New Year celebrating the Year of the Horse.   Free spirited, powerful and stubborn, decorating using décor of the horse can bring many wonderful blessings to the home because of its beauty.    Posted below the staff of Diva Interior Concepts found some of their favorite decorating digs to inspire  your home with a love for horses.  For example,  like these flannel pillows found at Surya along with the matching gray lamp.   We also found many unique wall decor items from Pottery Barn and these exquisite images by Carol Walker of all types of horses wild and domestic.    Whether you are decorating a home in Las Vegas or somewhere else and have a traditional or contemporary sense of style, let this of  Year of the Horse inspire your space!

horse flannel pillow horse hook 3 Horse Hooks i horse lamp        thumbs_fineart-22-graystallionrunsonbeachhorse

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