Nature offers Design Inspirations for Decorating

Aspen Trees

Aspen Trees

Nature is  my inspiration when it comes to designing or decorating interior spaces.   As a practicing designer throughout the southwest region, foliage plays a major role in interiors because it offers so many benefits as well as color.   I love this photo of Aspen tree’s growing near a small creek.  I took this photo while on a recent hiking trip in an area called Duck Creek just outside of Cedar City, Utah.    The many shades of green, offer an array of color that brings a design inspiration to our projects.   Since a “balance of elements”  is just one of the steps we practice in designing a tranquil living space or creating Zen interiors, this photo helps us visualize many colors in a similar pallet as well as other coordinating accents.   If you study the photo closely, you’ll be  stimulated by hues of fern green, moss-green, pine green, lime green, stark white, black accents, lite yellow and a pale blue sky found in the backdrop.    A picture perfect scene for a design inspiration!


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