Creating Tranquil Living Spaces

Travertine Lite Wall

Travertine Lite Wall

Loft Style Living Room

Loft Style Living Room

Water Feature

Water Feature


Atrium Water Feature

Creating tranquil living spaces using our concept Elemental Fusion is what we do best!   And although our client’s rarely ask for this in the first initial consultation, it is actually what they are after.    During their quest to find the ultimate  designer and/or design team,  their search begins with several viewings of designer portfolios and illustrations both interior and exterior.   It is through this search of commonalities, that we attract our client’s in relation to their  lifestyle,  needs and wants.    Most of whom are wanting a well-organized & tranquil living space to live and entertain friends and family.

With our latest book edition of How to Create a Tranquil Space in 7 Steps, we will share with you our process,  simple steps and inspiring photos of before and after room scenes, gorgeous places and beautiful things.   Our process involves certain elements we believe that create tranquility with use of organization, function of the space, use of light, using colors-textures-patterns, placement of objects, balance of elements (materials) and how to accessorize and use  plants.   For more information on this topic, contact us through email at

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