Creating the Vision

What I love most in working as a professional designer and decorator is “creating the vision” for my Client’s from design concept to installation. A challenging task at times, it is my duty to help our Client’s foresee what their space can look like in the end. With desired goals and objectives, our team targets their needs and wants with our 7 Steps in Creating a Tranquil Space.  On a recent project, we were brought in to assist a project that had gone wrong due to poor or no planning. The project had started with a vision in mind, but had never reached completion. A span of six (6) months had gone by for a master bedroom, two bath’s, hallway and two bedrooms for a minor remodeling project which should have been finished less than three weeks, had left a household in turmoil and nearly unlivable conditions.
We find that this happens quite frequently, as many individuals are under the impression that they can do it themselves in order save money only creating a bigger mess and additional cost. This is why we educate our Client’s on the importance of pre-planning, introducing terms such as scheduling, budgeting and creating the overall vision through drawings of floor plans and 3D Renderings. If you are a looking to build, remodel or just decorate a space, look to a professional in your area or call us to learn more on what the challenges and expectations are in understanding design and construction. Pictured below before photo’s of the one of the spaces – and the 3D Rendering of “creating the vision” prior to start of installation.

Roe Bedroom 3  Roe Bedroom 4 Roe Bedroom Roe Bedroomii

Master Bedroom ii

Master Bedroom Master Bedroom ii

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